Mass Ventures is managed by experienced venture capitalist with a track record of success

Supporting Innovative Companies led by Exceptional Entrepreneurs

MassVentures invests in Massachusetts-based early stage, high growth, innovative companies that have the potential to create employment opportunities in the Commonwealth.

Industry Focus

MassVentures is industry agnostic and focuses on those points in the investment cycle where capital gaps exist; namely Series A and occasional and opportunistic seed rounds.

Supporting the Non-traditional

MassVentures frequently invests in companies that are not adequately supported by traditional angel and venture capital because:

  • industry market segments that are not adequately served by the venture community,
  • the company is led by a first-time CEO or founder,
  • the company is too early to attact significant angel or venture financing,
  • the company is seeking funding amounts that do not fit the traditional angel, angel group, or venture capital model.

Our Investment Programs:

  • MassVentures Early Stage Fund – a first round program which provides initial investments of $250K to $500K in Series A equity capital with the potential for follow-on funding.
  • MassVentures SBIR START program that provides supplemental grant funding to qualified companies with SBIR Phase II funding to accelerate the commercialization of promising technologies.

Supporting the Entrepreneur

The investment team is actively involved with their portfolio companies, usually at the board of directors level. The team’s collective involvement in venture investing with over 100 early-stage companies and its experience gained through several major business cycles and countless sector rotations enable it to provide guidance in matters of operational, finance and sales strategy, and corporate governance.

Leveraging its Investment

The MassVentures team builds investor syndicates to leverage the capital that MassVentures invests. While MassVentures is often the first institutional investor involved with the early-stage companies in which it invests, it works to build an investor syndicate to maximize the long term funding potential for each company. MassVentures has co-invested with over 100 venture capital firms, many of which remain valued deal sources.