MassVentures invests across a broad range of industries. In recent years, MassVentures has invested in Clean Energy & Green Tech, Hardware, Healthcare IT, Industrial Automation & Robotics, Internet & Digital Media, Medical Devices, Mobile, Security and Systems & Software.

Healthcare IT

Industrial Automation & Robotics


Internet & Digital Media

    • BoardOnTrack

      Concord, MA
      BoardOnTrack has developed a library of resources for charter schools.
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    • Owner IQ

      Boston, MA
      Provides unique media services to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers based on aggregating an audience of consumers searching for user manuals.
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    • Jebbit-Logo-1-300x154
      Jebbit, Inc
      Boston, MA
      Jebbit is a marketing technology company that has created the #1 Post-Click Marketing platform.

Life Sciences

ginkgo bioworks


Ginkgo Bioworks
Boston, MA
An organism design company that is building organisms to spec for customers across markets including food, health and consumer goods.

Systems & Software

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Abovo, Inc.
Access Technology (acquired by Computer Associates)
AdvantaCare, Inc.
Aeonic/KGS, Inc. (acquired by EGS Gauging, Inc.)
Amcard Systems, Inc.
Amherst Electronic Instruments, Inc.
Andover.net, Inc. (acquired by VA Linux, Inc.)

Aseco Corp. (acquired by Micro Component Technology)
Aspen Technology
AT/Comm Incorporated
Atlantis Components, Inc. (acquired by Astra Tech)
AudioFile, Inc. (acquired by Delrina Boston)
Augment Systems, Inc.
Automation Unlimited (formerly Icon Corp.)

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BEZ Systems, Inc. (acquired by Compuware Corporation)
Bitpipe, Inc. (acquired by TechTarget)
Broadvision, Inc. (formerly Interleaf)
Business Research Corp. (acquired by Thomson Financial Services)

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Cambridge Viscosity, Inc.
CardioFocus, Inc. (formerly Rare Earth Medical)
Centerstone Software (acquired by Manhattan CenterStone)
CGX Corporation (acquired by Adage, Inc.)
ChipWrights Design, Inc.
Chromatic Technologies (acquired by Draka Intercable Companies)
CimTelligence Corporation
Cognistar Corporation
College Counsel, Inc.
Component Software Corporation
Concord Communications (acquired by Computer Associates International)
Core-M Precision Instruments
Courion (acquired February 2015)
Cramer Interactive Systems Group (acquired by Digital Techniques)
Crystal Systems, Inc. (acquired by GT Solar International)

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Dade International, Inc. (formerly Amdev, Inc.)
Dako North America, Inc. (formerly CytoLogix Corporation)
DISCOM Systems (formerly Display Components)
Dover Corporation (formerly Vitronics Corp.)

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EdNets, Inc. (formery Ed Tech Networks)
Endogen, Inc.
endoVia Medical, Inc. (formerly Brock Rogers Surgical)
Exos, Inc. (acquired by Microsoft Corporation)

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Falcon Detection Technologies
Fiberspar Corporation
Focus AOI Corp. (formerly Triple I Corp.)
Fotec, Inc. (acquired by Fluke Networks, Inc.)
Freestyle Floors LLC (formerly SelecTech, Inc.)
FutureTense, Inc. (acquired by Divine, Inc.)

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GammaGraphX, Inc. (acquired by I-Data, Inc.)
GateRocket, Inc.
Geographic Systems (acquired by Tactics, Inc.)
geoVue, Inc. (formerly Geonomics)
Global Communication Devices (acquired by Bermai, Inc.)
Global Telemedix, Inc.
Graftel, Inc. (formerly Data Innovations)

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Harbor Medical Devices, Inc.
Harvard Clinical Technology (formerly Harvard Medical, Inc.)

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Ikier Technology, Inc.
ImPress Systems
Incentive Targeting
IMC Systems Group, Inc.
Inceptor, Inc.
Information Protection Technologies (acquired by Watchguard Technologies)
Invantage, Inc. (acquired by Perceptive Informatics)
IVS (acquired by Schlumberger Technology Corp.)

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Kronos Incorporated

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Laser Engineering (acquired by PLC Medical Systems)

Linius Technologies, Inc.
LittlePoint Corporation (acquired by Minnetonka Brands)

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Market Perspectives, Inc.
MedAptus, Inc.
Medelle Corporation (formerly Biofertec)
MicroE Systems (acquired by GSI Lumonics, Inc.)
MicroTouch Systems, Inc.
Milestone Systems, Inc.
Millitech Corporation (acquired by Terabeam Wireless)
MultiLink (acquired by PictureTel Corporation)

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Net/Cambridge Division (formerly Cambridge Analytical Associates)
NexCen Technologies (acquired by UCMS, Inc.)
Nortel Networks Corp. (formerly Xylogics, Inc.)

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Optical Micro Systems, Inc. (acquired by Allergan/OMS)

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PA Instruments (formerly Tytronics)
Pixelvision Technology (acquired by Avocent, Inc.)
Polnox Corporation
Practek Associates
Proconics International (acquired by Asyst Automation)
Profile Systems (acquired by Comergent Technologies, Inc.)
Publishing Technology Corporation

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Randwal Instruments, Inc.
Reflection Technology, Inc.

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Saum Systems, Inc.
Sensitech, Inc.
SiteScape, Inc.
Sky Computers, Inc.
Solenergy Corporation
Specific Surface
Spectra Analysis, Inc.
SpectroVision, Inc.
Spire Corporation
Sprockets.com, Inc.
StatSpin, Inc.
Sybase, Inc. (formerly Computer Solutions)
Symbiotics, Inc.

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Technology Integration (acquired by B.F. Goodrich, Aerospace Division)
Telphi Systems, Inc. (formlery Deweese, Inc.)
Teraphase Technologies, Inc. (formerly Parsec Communications)
Terralink Software Systems, Inc. (formerly Analink Technologies)
Texterity, Inc.
ThreeCore, Inc. (formerly Assistant Buyer.com)
Titan Systems Corp. (formerly Averstar and Pacer Systems)

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Veda Design Automation (formerly Pendulum Design)
VenturCom (acquired by Citrex Systems)
Vibrint Technologies (acquired by Thomson Multimedia)
VisibleGains (formerly permissionTV)
VisionScope, Inc.
Voicetek Corp. (acquired by Aspect Telecommunications)
VST Technologies (acquired by Smartdisk Corp.)

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Wakefield Software Systems, Inc.
WebCT (acquired by Blackboard, Inc.)

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XRL, Inc. (acquired by Electro Scientific Industries)


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Ze-gen, Inc.
Zoom Telephonics, Inc.

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